Life Captured

I’m periodically sharing some of the Life Captured journaling prompts randomly.  I hope you enjoy and maybe consider doing the Life Captured prompts yourself!  I’ve loved them so far.

Life Captured #1

Prompt from January 15, 2016

//What is your favorite meal to cook, and why?//


Recently my favorite meal to cook is the Twice-Baked Cauliflower Casserole, mainly because it is so delicious.  I love when I can find a recipe that fits my diet, but tastes like it doesn’t.  Those are my favorite types of meals.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a “signature dish.”  That’s something I’d like to figure out though.  I want to find at least a few things that I’m really good at making that can be my specialty.  Like my Grandma Schaeffer’s mashed potatoes or her apple dumplings.  Or my Grandma Schweinforth’s homemade cinnamon bread.  Or my Grandma Holte’s wild rice soup.

Basically, I want that “grandma status.”  How do I get there?  Greg always says that I’m a good cook, but how do you go from good to shut-your-mouth, slap-your-grandma good?  Granted, in this case, I’m the grandma.  Dangit.  How did I get to be the one being slapped here?

Be careful what you wish for.  You may get slapped for wanting to be a grandma.


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  1. Dad says: Reply

    I don’t think Grandma is going to like it if you slap her after eating her mashed potatoes. 😉

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