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    Watching the Minnesota Wild lose in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Womp womp. Laughing at New Girl on Netflix.  It never gets old. Thinking how beautiful my baby sister looked at prom last weekend. Praying for patience.  When I was in high school, I always told myself that once I turned 18 […]

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  • Acting my Age


    I think I’ve always been an old soul.  I’ve always wanted a fulfilling, meaningful life and have worked hard to achieve that.  To focus on the things and people and activities that matter the most.  And part of that has meant doing things different and sooner than a lot of my peers. While people my […]

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  • I am a Joyous Warrior

    Joyous Warrior

    I love going to my Wednesday night BodyFlow class.  It’s a perfect blend of Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates that’s a good mid-week lift for the body, mind and spirit.  I look forward to it each week, and feel “off” when I can’t attend. That said, I’m not very good at Body Flow… And it […]

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  • Year Three

    Year Three

    This month begins Year Three. You’ve heard about people in Year One and Year Two.  It’s hard and it’s confusing but it doesn’t seem too bad.  Everyone knows someone who has been there.  Who it didn’t happen for right away.  Who had to try a medication, or adjust their diet.  Who went to a few doctors appointments. […]