A Winter Bucket List

I’ve never liked winter.  I like the first snow fall of the year and a random snow day here and there, but generally I just equate winter with cold weather.  And I don’t like cold weather.  I dread bundling up everyday, driving in the snow and being stuck inside.
But this year, I’m determined to change things.  I chose “Seek Adventure” as my 2016 phrase for myself, and I’m not limiting my adventure seeking to just the warmer months of the year.  So in an effort to actually enjoy this winter, I’ve made a Winter Bucketlist!
Here’s what I’ve got so far!
  • Go snowshoeing at a state park.
  • Send out Christmas/New Year’s cards… giving myself some room on this one, cause I don’t have a lot of time before Christmas!
  • Go snowboarding with Greg.  I’ve skiied irregularly since I was 6 years old.  Greg snowboards and he really wants me to, as well.  My Christmas gift to him at least 3 years ago was to go snowboarding with him… I have yet to follow through.  It’s time.
  • Visit the Macy’s 8th Floor.  I’ve lived in Minnesota for 8.5 years and I still haven’t done this!
  • Go to the St. Paul Winter Carnival.
  • Complete my Meal Plan/Organization system.
  • Go ice skating with Greg.  One of my favorite dates he planned for us when we just dating included ice skating at the Wells Fargo Winter Skate at Rice Park.  I don’t think we’ve done it since… we’re definitely due!
  • Play broomball… I think it might be a Minnesota thing.  Google it.
  • Go sledding at my in-laws’ cabin.
  • Knit/crochet a blanket.  I’m a seasonal knitter/crocheter, but I never finish my projects.  I really want to finish a big one this year!
  • Host a winter blues party.  My mom used to do this every year, and I think it’s such a fun way to beat the cold weather blues.
  • “Snowed In” Movie Day.  Complete with pajamas, hot beverages and snuggles.
  • Go winter (snow) hiking at a state park.
  • Do a candlelight yoga class.  There’s a free Lululemon class coming up that I want to do!  There’s something about doing yoga in the winter that makes you feel all warm and toasty inside.
  • Get new pictures printed for frames.
  • Volunteer for Operation Christmas Child.
  • Have a technology-free weekend.  No TV, no phone apps, no laptops…
Now what am I missing?  What would you put on a winter bucket list?  If you dread winter as much as I do, maybe you should consider making a bucket list too!  Yay for crossing items off a list!  Best Feeling EVER!
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